Why We Must Speak

Because monsters can’t be allowed to speak on our behalf.

This week we see people at the highest levels of government preaching that boy’s will be boys.

They aren’t discussing scrapes, bruises or busted windows.

They are talking about sexual assault.

It doesn’t matter if you believe Dr. Ford

It doesn’t matter if you think Kavanaugh is a saint.

We will likely never know the truth of the matter.

It’s drowned in politics, it was over 30 years ago. It’s not a criminal court. It IS the Supreme Court.

Women deserve to be believed.

Word alone should never be enough to destroy someone, especially in government and even more so in politics.

It sucks


But this is NOT and never was a matter of boys being boys.


Some have asked me why I discuss the topics that I do. Surely men are well-spoken for. We’ve always had the advantage after all.

And that’s true in a lot of ways.

I am not a woman.

I’m not gay.

I’m not trans.

I am not black or brown.

I’m not an immigrant.

I am not disenfranchised or persecuted

I’m a heterosexual white guy.

And I’m sick of these nuts attempting to speak for me.


Because this is not “boys will be boys”

This is not normal.

We are not rapists, though there are too many of those.

We are not murderers, though there are too many of those.

We are decent men, and there are too few of us.


And I’ll not be spoken for by men who condone any of it.

I reject all the ideas that say “they couldn’t help it”

I reject that “it’s the hormones”

More than every angry woman. More than every empowered minority. More than all the fire and fury that has been unleashed by those that we have abused. The most damage ever done to men has been by these powerful public men attempting to excuse their own behavior.

Every claim that men are violent, every notion that we are violent and uncontrollable. Every time someone says that men aren’t nurturing. Every “all men cheat” and every “she was asking for it”, we can lay at these mens feet. Because they excused themselves for being monsters and taught other men to do the same.

We are not animals. We are better than beasts and creatures of appetite.

The ones doing the talking aren’t.


And that is why we must speak.



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