Why We Must Speak

Because monsters can't be allowed to speak on our behalf. This week we see people at the highest levels of government preaching that boy's will be boys. They aren't discussing scrapes, bruises or busted windows. They are talking about sexual assault. It doesn't matter if you believe Dr. Ford It doesn't matter if you think … Continue reading Why We Must Speak

We’ve Been Failing Our Sons

Boys raise their hands more. They dominate discussions. They are continually the largest voices in academia. Most have heard these statistics for years. There's truth to them. Most of it has its roots in a string of studies published in the early 90's which explored the plight of American girls in the education system. These … Continue reading We’ve Been Failing Our Sons

How Anger Affects Your Life

I've been angry before Really Angry Roaring, stupid angry. Punching holes in walls and kicking things angry. I've never been proud of those moments. They are the kind of moments you look back at and retreat to some dark corner of the mind where you won't have to see that memory. Shame is certainly there, … Continue reading How Anger Affects Your Life