How to be a Coward

Trust is earned.

Respect is earned

Give me a reason to trust you.

Treat me well and I’ll treat you well

You’ve heard the phrase a thousand times right? And it’s for good reason. It makes a lot of sense. Anyone who makes it through life unscathed is either lying or lead a tragically short life. Keeping yourself guarded against betrayal is a mark of the worldly.


It’s all bullshit. Seriously

It’s cowardly

When you approach the world with distrust or apathy, every relationship will be tainted. Trust and respect are not rewards for behavior. They are internal.

Let me explain

When your brand new girlfriend doesn’t trust you around your long term female friend even though you’ve committed no indiscretions, the only conclusion to draw is that it comes from her insecurity and not your behavior.

When meathead at the gym jokes about the obese or the skinny, it’s not because of his victims, it comes from his own ego and misplaced sense of “macho” worth.

Trust and respect have very little to do with the one to whom it’s given. It has everything to do with the kind of person you are.

Somewhere along the way, being world-weary became a mark of pride.

Cynicism just puts you in an early grave and tanks your relationships.

The men that we admire meet the world with bravery. They know that the world might thrash them and they go ahead anyway.

They meet you with a handshake, eye contact and a smile. They give you their attention and focus long before you ever had a chance to earn it. They open that door to friendliness and respect so that all you must do is walk through.

They grant trust without reservation. Even when they have been betrayed before. Bravery is knowing that every person stands upon their own, neither upon the achievements of others, nor under their failings.

Bravery is acknowledging every person you meet as a human being and as such being worthy of a basic respect without judgement and without prejudice.






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